May 8, 2020 inside a plant

Do you ever wonder what it is like INSIDE a plant?


Digging through more than 3 layers, what do we find inside a plant?

Have you ever closely looked at a plant? I did once, but I promise I wouldn’t do it again! Do you have any idea the kind of horrors I had to go through? *Gasp* of course you don’t! Ugh! Silly me. How would you know when I haven’t told you. How I delved into the depths inside of a plant. Do you ever wonder?

So what happened was – one fateful morning, I was strolling through a garden, because that’s healthy, obviously. And I came across this vibrant green plant. Let me tell you this was more vibrant than the most vibrant plant I had ever seen. So naturally, out of curiosity I crouch down aaand… Get sucked right inside the plant! the plant pulls me in, like air!

I find myself getting pushed through cells and membranes and a tube like structure pulls me down. I have no idea at what speed I am falling. All at once I stop and get thrown out of the ground and I am back where I was standing. I am covered in some kind of sticky substance and my skin is green and brown in patches. 

Curious and rattled I find my way home. I go straight to sleep and refuse to acknowledge what happened. It is not possible. It couldn’t have happened! I must have dreamt this horror. But, on the other hand, I know what I saw and I know it wasn’t a dream. After a week I decide to research what it was that I went through. What it was that I saw? How could something like that be possible? How does that plant exist?

Once I was sure of what was to come, I steeled my heart and was back to the spot my life changed ina week ago. I crouch down and once again I get pulled in. This time around instead of panicking, I compose myself and find myself standing on solid ground.  

I look around. There are balloon like structures all around me. They look like huge sponges. I wrack my brain and realise that this is probably the Abaxial Epidermisthen that must mean that I am standing in the SubStomatal Cavity. So the balloon like structures must be the Spongy Mesophyll. 

Last time I was here I remember falling down a tube like structure. Considering the fact that the Xylem carries water and I wasn’t wet last time but was sticky, I must go down the Phloem, the famed food funnel. Using my research as a map I begin trekking up the balloons aka Mesophyll. 

After an arduous climb I come across a pinkish covering, this has to be the Bundle Sheath! Then that must mean that the Vessels are right on the other side, but how to get to the other side? I try pushing the wall and it separates right at once! Once on the other side I try to look for Food funnel but all the tubes looked exactly the same. How to get to the Food funnel? 

I knew the fact that Food funnel was supposed be surrounded by living cells the other tube was supposed to be majorly dead. And like so I find it. All I had to do now was figure out a way to get inside it. And like before, I pushed and it separatedI get sucked in and downwards at incredible speed. I could barely feel my own limbs flying around.  

Slowly the green around me began to reduce and turned into a more mottled shade of brownish-green. I knew I was in the roots then. Anytime now this weirdly enchanted plant would kick me out, literally and figuratively. 

Right then I find myself in the Cortex jumping from cell to cell. Through the Epiblema I emerge, head first into the soil! As soon as my foot is out of the exterior Root Epidermis, my size grows and soon I am back to where I was. Once again sticky and coloured green and brown… 

At least now I am sure that it wasn’t a dream. Though my other questions remain unanswered one question I’ll still go through the trouble of asking– Do YOU believe me?

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