January 28, 2016 The Blood Voyage

The Blood Voyage


Hey! I am an erythrocyte, the names Erythros. Interesting name, right? Well it means red in Latin. You see I am a very smart RBC. I am one of a kind , with my 5 billion brothers and sisters. I am the special one. I was born in the Bone Marrow, to Mr. And Mrs. Stem Cells. Incredible people, my parents, they nurtured me and taught me all there is to life and then…sent me packing! They literally kicked me out of the house! Can you believe it? Who does that? My Parents. So yeah, we can say that I am a bit bitter, but oh well, that doesn’t matter.

Back to the story, what we are is a close knit community, my brothers and sisters and of course me. We live together ,eat together and always, always follow each other. We have a warden too. She is a little pushy but I feel she only wants the best for us. But I don’t really appreciate her way of going about things. She is always telling us what to do, what not to do and blah blah blah. We not so fondly call her Corazon. Don’t know what it means? Don’t ask me! Do a bit of background research. You don’t expect me to tell you everything, do you? By the way Corazon is heart. She is sort of like your boss at work. Ordering and pestering us around, she has put herself on a pedestal and demands to be treated like a princess. The only difference is that we don’t have an HR department. Feel better, do you?  Any ways she sends us wherever we are needed. Did I tell you she is a little pushy ,well, she is very pushy! Anyhow, she sends us to something called the Tissues. Sounds harmless, right? WRONG!

Once we end up there those evil Tissues get down to trying to work us to the bone, not that we have any bones but still! They pull out any and all life that we have and once they don’t find any other way to exploit our naivety and innocence they ship us back.

We slowly trudge our way back to Ms. Corazon and she sends us to replenish all the energy we lost. So, to do just that, we make our way to the Airbags. That’s the name of the mess hall, by the way. Here we get an amazing meal of fresh Oxygen. Honestly, that’s the best part of my 60 second circulation, the Food!

Once we are rested and fed Ms. Corazon puts us back to work and we do the same job 24/7 every 60 seconds for 120 days. It gets boring sometimes but my siblings make it better. We always travel together, work together and eat together but I have already told you that, haven’t I ? We go around bumping and playing and having the most fun we possibly could!

We have a life-span of 120 days. In these 120 days we work tirelessly to ensure the survival of our beloved human. Sometimes she does something called exercise and that is when we need to work even harder but that is a rare occurrence, once In a blue moon. Or she gets this thing called a Blood Test done, that’s a special thing but nobody really knows what it is… the Neurons aren’t really the most talkative of the bunch. They prefer to stay amongst them selves, but only they really know everything that our beloved human does in her life. You know being connected to her brain and all. But somehow some of my brother’s and sisters always go MIA after that blood test.

Anyway, once our 120 days are over we are peacefully laid to rest in the cemetery after a beautiful ceremony. The Spleen is our graveyard and the Microphages our priests. The Microphages bury us in the Spleen and that’s how our lives end. Then our bodies are disintegrated to provide for the next generation of erythrocytes. The iron is preserved and rest of the body is used for the human’s nutrition. In this way we serve her throughout our lives and even in death. We just love our human so much.

Our cousin’s love our human too. I told you about the leucocytes didn’t I? They are my extended family, from my father’s side of course. They ensure that she doesn’t get sick. My favourite leucocyte is brother Basophil. I call him the Baso bro. He is a cool guy to have around, laid back and wise. Yeah I can tolerate his company… even enjoy it! If I ever want to, not that I do. You know what’s the best thing about him? He beats up those big bad virus bullies real bad! They can’t bother us when he is around. He intimidates them… isn’t that awesome?

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